News 08.10.2015 09:00

Press Conference: Romania Wants at Least Two Golds

Wednesday afternoon was reserved for the press konference of organising committee. President of Futnet Romania Daniel Sasarman has big expectations from the home team players. He said that Romania has many skilled players in both women and junior categories and hoped that they would perform their best and some of the medals would remain in Romania.

Daniel Sasarman stated, that Romania should be strong especially in singles and doubles. Such a new strong team can definitely change the so far stable scenario, with Czech and Slovak national teams playing for victory.

UNIF President Kamil Kleník thanked representatives of Futnet Romania for their enthusiasm and great preparation of the championships. „Success of home team is always a boost for the atmosphere of the championships. I wish Romanian players the best of luck,“ said Kamil Kleník during the conference.

Said news arrived last week from England and Turkey, that these two teams would not be able to participate in the championships this time. There will be 7 teams in each category of the championships. Futnet fans from all over the world can be looking forward to magnificent thrilling matches.